Is it necessary to insure life when insuring a car

The life and health insurance policy at the time of buying a car, according to the magazine about finance, is the best collateral for a bank. If at registration of a car loan such insurance is more or less justified, then at registration of a usual policy, insurance companies often practically impose the need for this additional option. It should be noted that life insurance is quite a useful thing. In the event of an accident resulting in damage to the health of the driver, the insurer will reimburse the funds spent on the treatment of these injuries .

The relevance of life insurance in the design of car insurance.

Why insure the life of a car loan

Life insurance for car insurance

Insurance companies and banks have provided a steady confidence that the purchase of a car on credit is possible only under the condition of the buyer’s life insurance. Yes, it is really logical and thus very well insures the native car owner against unplanned payments. But to say that this type of insurance is mandatory, it is impossible.

Life insurance is a logical decision when buying a car on credit . The amount of insurance will be a very good help if the owner receives injuries that will heal for more than one month. But if, God forbid, injuries will be fatal, the insurance amount will help the owner’s family to repay the loan or pay for car repairs. After all, after a man’s death, his heirs inherit not only real estate and funds, but also the debts of the deceased. Therefore, to assert that life insurance for a credit purchase of a car does not do any good at all, it is not worth it. This is a certain protection, however, it is not mandatory.

Is Life Insurance Required at CTP

Compulsory third-party liability insurance includes only compensation for damage caused to other participants in an accident. Only this type of insurance is prescribed in regulatory acts, federal laws as mandatory and necessary for the operation of the vehicle. Accordingly, it does not make sense to argue about whether life insurance is required for car insurance. In fact, it is unlawful and illegal to demand life insurance when purchasing a CTP policy .

The need for life insurance

More recently, the Supreme Arbitration Court officially prohibited insurance companies to oblige car owners to issue CTP policies “2 in 1”, where, in addition to civil insurance, there is life and health insurance. Despite the constantly changing provisions of the federal law on compulsory insurance, drivers are unlikely to be obliged to insure their own lives with a vehicle in a short time. There are no tendencies towards the emergence of this type of insurance in the list of mandatory, taking into account the changes already adopted in the law on civil car insurance.

Imposing services: how to abandon them

Theoretically, to issue an auto insurance policy without insurance of the life and health of the driver, of course, you can without any problems. But in fact, many insurers are forcing car owners to issue both types of insurance, arguing that the company’s policy regarding the provision of package services. Such representatives of the insurance industry, insuring the third party liability of the transport owner, force him to draw up a policy on his life and health, complaining that the company does not provide these services separately from each other. According to the regulations on compulsory insurance, the owner has the right to refuse life and health insurance, because this type of service is entirely voluntary.

How to refuse imposing

Refusal to conclude a contract with evidence

When a car insurance company refuses to enter into a contract because there is no life insurance, the owner has the right to sue the insurer. It is worth noting that in this case the client, who was refused to sign the contract exclusively with the OSAGO function, will need to collect evidence. Fixing failure is possible in several ways

  • recording failure on the recorder;
  • two witnesses who will later confirm the reason for the refusal;
  • written response of the insurance company with the reasons for refusal.

With any of the above evidence, you can go to court. You just need to attach this information to the claim. Legal proceedings usually last more than one month, but after this time, the insurance company will be obliged to provide the plaintiff with a CTP insurance policy, as well as to compensate for the moral and material damage that accompanied the proceedings.

Appeal against refusal in court

Subsequent termination of the contractual terms imposed

This method is much faster and more efficient than the previous one. When concluding a loan agreement, a loan for a car, life insurance and health insurance are provided as an additional service. It is completely voluntary, and therefore it is possible to abandon it at any time. Many car owners actively use their rights in this part. That is, the owner of the car signs a life and health insurance contract, as required by the insurer, and after a few weeks or even days, he requests the insurer to terminate the contract . The only thing that the car owner risks in this case is the first installment of life insurance or the payment of a penalty for termination of the contract.

Contacting Rospotrebnadzor: Consumer Protection

In addition to the proceedings in court, on the imposed services you can contact the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Rights Control. Insurance services are the same product as other consumed by citizens of the Russian Federation, therefore, the companies of this sphere are also subject to the jurisdiction of Rospotrebnadzor. A consumer may file a complaint with an insurance company that has refused to issue an MTPL insurance policy without the life insurance of the car owner. In order to carry out this action on all pages of the contract, together with his signature, the owner must indicate that he has been denied registration of an OSAGO contract without a life insurance policy.

Where can I get a loan without life insurance

There are many banks that provide various types of loans and borrowings. And with different percentages, grace periods, sizes and under different conditions. Many make out credit cards with an amount sufficient to purchase a car: from 600 thousand to 1 million rubles and more. Making a credit card does not require a life insurance contract. Profitable loan programs promise:

  1. Alfa Bank. Interest rate of 23.99% and 100 days of preferential use for a credit card. For a consumer loan, the bank does not require guarantors and provides an early repayment option, as well as a maximum amount of 2 million for a period of 1 to 5 years.
  2. Tinkoff. The interest-free period for a credit card is 55 days, the limit is 300,000 rubles, 15% per annum. In cash, you can get 1 million at 14.9% for a period of up to three years.
  3. Touch Bank. Provides 1 million loan at 14.9% per annum for a year or for 5 years. The loan can be issued online, and the courier will bring the card with the funds to the house.
  4. Raiffeisenbank. Without collateral and guarantors can give up to 1.5 million with a rate of 12.9%. They value their customers very much, and therefore will not be annoyingly imposing additional services.

It is necessary to arrange your own life insurance if the car owner wants to protect his family and friends from unforeseen expenses in the event of a fatal accident. No matter how terrible it may sound, this happens very often, and no one will give a full guarantee that such a person will avoid such a fate. Therefore, when buying a car on credit, life insurance is still worth it, but no one can oblige the buyer to do so. As for the purchase of insurance policy, in this case, life insurance is not so necessary. Moreover, the option of life and health insurance increases the cost of a CTP insurance policy unreasonably, even against the law, because all tariffs, the size of coefficients, as well as the list of options are strictly regulated at the federal level.

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