How to make a car insurance via the Internet

CTP (“citizen”, “autocitizen”) – this is a compulsory third-party liability insurance. Without registration of this document to drive a car is prohibited by law. CTP insures the liability of the driver to third parties – if your behavior on the road has caused damage to someone else’s vehicle or physical damage to passengers, the insurance company will reimburse you instead of you.

For a long time, CTP was subject to speculation and fraud. Agents and insurance companies gave out fake forms and deceived customers. To solve this problem, attracted the Internet. Now the full list of insurance companies that officially operate under the law is posted on the PCAwebsite . By selecting any site from the above list, you will definitely not stumble upon scammers.

How exactly can you make an MTPL policy online and is it a panacea, as it seems at first glance? How to make a policy when buying a used car? Is it possible to leave a valid insurance CTP for a used car from the old owner? We will answer these and other questions below. 

Sites to purchase policy

Where to buy insurance online? In response to the corresponding request, the search engine will issue thousands of sites that offer such services. Well, if you are a little more oriented in the online space, but what if not? How to understand which portal can be trusted and which one is not?

Many insurance companies already offer the service of purchasing their products via the Internet. In order not to worry about whether the insurance company is legal, you can choose the one whose services you or someone you know used before. 

car insurance online

“Recently, cases of sale of counterfeit CTP policies have become more frequent. Unsuspecting drivers continue to drive with them until an accident occurs. And only by contacting the insurance company for payment, they learn that they have made a fatal mistake by buying a policy in an unchecked place. 

In order not to become a victim of fraudsters, you must carefully choose the place of purchase of the policy CTP. First of all, it is necessary to abandon the services that are offered to you in a car parked near the traffic police. Today he is there, and tomorrow is gone. 

The so-called insurance brokers — organizations that offer insurance to several companies at once — are likely to impose an insurance company that is convenient for them and additional services. 

Optimally determine in advance the choice of company and see the nearest sales office to you. At the official office of the insurance company, you will most likely buy the original insurance policy, and if you insure there for several years in a row, you can rely on additional discounts and bonuses. ” 

Car insurance via the Internet

Another way to be safe is to issue an OSAGO through the Internet on the website of State Service. The procedure in this case may look as follows: 

  • You register on the portal Gosuslugi , fill in all the necessary data and recheck them before confirmation;
  • If the previous item is completed without any problems, then you will automatically have the opportunity to make insurance online (“Services” – “Transport and driving” – “Electronic insurance”);
  • Choose one of the proposed portal SK (here are links only to the verified official sites of insurers);
  • Go to the company’s website and fill out an application for insurance, following all the requirements step by step;
  • You pay the bill, after which an electronic CTP insurance policy arrives at the specified address. 

It is enough to print it out and carry it with you – as insurance companies assert, no signatures, no stamps, no exchange of electronic policy in the office of the UK for the usual. Is it really? We learn further. 

Registration of the policy through the Internet on the website of the insurance company. There are literally two words to say about this procedure: the same as through Gosuslugi, but faster – no need to register on two sites at once. As a result, you get a valid electronic policy, which you print and carry with you. 

How to make an electronic policy when buying a car 

Some nuances may occur at the first purchase of CTP through the Internet for the purchased vehicle. There are two options for the development of events: 

  • You bought a new car. Apply for a CTP policy on him will have to personally at the insurance agent, and not online, because without him the car will not be registered in the traffic police. After receiving the numbers they can be entered into the contract by re-visiting the UK. Accordingly, after purchasing a new vehicle, you will have to buy the first policy personally, and not online. 
  • You bought a used car. Everything is a little simpler here – you can insure a car on the Internet, but the procedure will be more difficult. This is due to the fact that when buying a vehicle’s vehicle, the data of the new owner is not entered online into the PCA database in exchange for the data of the old one. How to be? 

So far, only Rosgosstrakh Insurance Company offers its option of purchasing insurance online with this problem in mind. After passing the steps of the calculator on the company’s website, you must click the “Next” button. This will start data validation in PCA and will generate an error. After that you will see an online form for sending documents to the registry. Make the necessary scan copies, attach to the form and click “Submit documents for review.” Usually, data is processed within half an hour and entered into the registry, about which a notification immediately arrives at the post office. 

As you can see, some features of the policy design via the Internet are still there, but how important they are for you is a subjective question. 

Advantages and disadvantages of online insurance 

Advantages and disadvantages of online insurance

Disadvantages of buying a policy on the Internet enough: 

  • The most common – failures in the system. Repair work on the IC server, the State Services website or the PCA is not rarely carried out, even during the time of this writing, they could be observed several times. It should be noted here that failures in the system may delay the procedure of issuing a policy not only online, but also when visiting an insurance company, because agents also work with Internet databases. 
  • Quibbling traffic police inspectors. Not every inspector can check the validity of insurance in the field. But this can always be done by calling the office – if a lawyer who has stopped you has any questions regarding the policy, tell me this solution. 
  • The impossibility of obtaining insurance for a new vehicle via the Internet and the difficulties in obtaining a policy for a purchased used car, which we have already mentioned above. If you want to insure a car for the first time (it doesn’t matter if it is new or used), it is better to do it in the office of the insurance company, and later on it will be done via the Internet 
  • Excluded registration of accidents on the Europrotocol without the ability to check the effect of the policy on the spot. 

And yet, because of its advantages, the number of people who choose to design a CTP policy online is growing every day: 

  • There is no need to look for an insurance office, adjust to the schedule of its work, donate personal time to travel there. In addition, you do not need to communicate with the agent in person. Have you ever seen an insurance agent to whom you came to get insurance for CTP insurance, he did it, thanked and said goodbye? Neither do we. SK employees offer another ten other insurance products that you do not need – such is their job. It is annoying and exhausting much more than it might seem at first glance; 
  • Cashless payment when you pay the policy; 
  • Saving personal time; 
  • Simplified procedure; 
  • This is a way to be 100% confident in acquiring a legally valid policy, not a fake. Transactions are made only through the official websites of the company or the State services, and the data on the policyholder and payment pass through secure encrypted channels. 

Now you know about applying for insurance online enough. It remains only to decide what is more convenient for you – take advantage of the possibilities of the Internet or it is better to issue a CTP in the old manner.

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