How to overtake after buying a car without insurance

It happens that when buying a car you need to overtake it in another city. If the car is new, then it does not have insurance, which means it cannot be used. How in that case to overtake the car, we will tell in this article.

How to overtake the car

The law does not directly indicate how to overtake the car without insurance, but the new owner is obliged to issue a CTP no later than 10 days after purchase.

If your new machine is in the process of re-issuing documents, then there are several options for moving it to the place of registration:

  • To issue a notarized power of attorney. With the help of a power of attorney you can overtake cars on behalf of the previous owner;
  • To draw up a contract of free car use. After buying a car, you become the owner, but according to the documents the owner remains the seller. In essence, this is a lease agreement, but without material benefits. Having a free use agreement in your hands, you can also overtake the car on behalf of the previous owner, but notarizing this agreement is not necessary;
  • Take the old owner of the car as a passenger. If you are stopped, refer to the law on CTP, which gives you the right to delay in the design of the policy for 10 days.
How to overtake after buying a car without insurance

Another option – registration of transit insurance policy.

What will help transit insurance CTP

What to do if the period of 10 days after purchase is exceeded, or there is no possibility to carry the previous owner with you, or to issue a power of attorney? In order not to run into fines and not lose the car, make a temporary insurance.

The transit policy of CTP is issued for a period of not more than 20 days. This is enough to overtake the car, put it on the account and pass inspection. If you are sure that you will have time to register a car earlier, then insurance can be issued for any period from 10 to 20 days. The transit policy differs from the usual only by the validity period.

Upon receipt of the policy on the car put the transit numbers. As soon as the car is registered, temporary numbers are replaced by permanent ones and a permanent CTP policy is issued.

The temporary policy can be registered both by the car buyer and by a third party carrying out the haul. If there is a power of attorney, others may issue a transit policy.

Where to buy transit insurance

Where to buy transit insurance

If you make out the purchase of a car through the salon, then you can make a temporary insurance there after you sign the contract. It will be the fastest and most convenient.

If the purchase was made through a dealer or agent, then you are entitled to request the service from the insurance company directly or arrange it through the Internet on the insurance website.

Or, finally, use the services of an insurance agent or broker. This is convenient, as you can arrange to meet with them in any place where you need. The agent differs from the broker in that it works with one insurance company, and the broker – with several insurance companies simultaneously. Be careful when choosing a broker or agent – among them often come across fraudsters who work on fake forms.

How much is transit insurance

The cost of transit insurance depends on several parameters:

  • Engine power;
  • Age and experience of the driver;
  • The region where the policy is issued.

Typically, the price of transit insurance is approximately 20% of the value of the annual CTP policy.

How much is transit insurance

Advantages and disadvantages of temporary insurance

The undoubted advantages of registration of transit insurance – the fact that it can be issued without a diagnostic card, as well as a reasonable price.

Of the minuses, it is possible to note the short term of validity and the impossibility of renewal (a new contract must be drawn up).

Is it possible to overtake a car without insurance? It is possible, but is it worth it to risk your car, especially if you need to transport it over long distances. If the car gets into an accident, the cost of repair will cost many times more than the cost of temporary insurance.

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