Advantages and disadvantages of online insurance

During the growing popularity of using Internet services, people are increasingly interested in whether it can be done online. Car owners were no exception, because every day they open up new opportunities to purchase goods and services for their cars, without leaving their computer or smartphone, starting from buying brand new imported tires and finishing with paperwork. This article will let you know all the details of how to insure a car through the Internet.

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Online insurance has many advantages.

The advantages of auto insurance via the Internet are many and they are very significant. Making an insurance policy online allows us to save time and even money, because many insurance companies are not averse to “slipping” a couple more additional services, without which we supposedly can not do. This trend appeared at a time when companies began to take losses due to the excessive amount of insurance issued. Some of them decided to correct the situation through restrictions on the number of issued policies, which became a problem for many customers, and someone decided to sell additional services by imposing on them to inattentive car owners. One of the advantages of applying for insurance online is that the person chooses the offers he needs and only pays for them. This system can save even the most experienced drivers from unplanned expenses.

Another huge advantage is that residents of small cities will be able to get an insurance policy from any company that interests them, and not just from the one that is nearby. This is an advantage for the companies themselves, because they become open to more potential customers.

But no matter how good the advantages of online insurance may sound, the disadvantages of this system still remain unchanged. It often fails when entering data, which usually causes difficulties in processing. Therefore, we advise you to double-check the data you entered. If the system fails when trying to fix the error, we strongly recommend contacting the company’s technical support and directly asking a question. Most likely, the problem is only in the interruptions of the site itself. A consultant will tell you what to do in this case.

Where to insure cars online

Unfortunately, at present this service is not improved by 100% and it will not be possible to insure a car through the Internet with any insurance company. Here is a list of organizations that carry out auto insurance online:

  • LLC Renaissance Insurance Group;
  • SPO “RESO-Garantia”;
  • RSO Euroins LLC;
  • OJSC AlfaStrakhovanie;
  • LLC Rosgosstrakh;
  • JSC SAK Energogarant;
  • NG “Hoska” PJSC;
  • Tinkoff Insurance JSC;
  • LLC IC Paritet-SK;
  • Intach Insurance JSC;
  • JSC Insurance Group Uralsib;
  • CJSC “VSK”.

The cost of the insurance itself does not affect how you get it. If you are thinking about how to insure a cheaper car , we advise you to choose one of the companies that offer minimum prices for their services. Among them, the following organizations are definitely worth mentioning:

  • OJSC AlfaStrakhovanie;
  • LLC Renaissance Insurance Group;
  • Tinkoff Insurance JSC.
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Not all insurance companies have entered the online insurance market yet.

How to get an insurance policy online

Next, we will tell you how to get insurance through the Internet, because for many car owners it often causes difficulties, because on the way there can be many questions: “Is it safe to enter passport information?”, “How can they insure me without my documents?”. If you make auto insurance on the official website of a reliable company, then there are no problems in that you leave the personal data below absolutely not. This is a fairly standard procedure and the online registration of the contract is no different from how you leave copies of documents in various institutions. Another thing – do not fall into the hands of scammers! If you have doubts about a particular company, you can always call their technical support and ask all your questions.

Each insurance company has its own official website. Determine one of them in advance, go to the site and go through registration. The data you need from you:

  • Passport series and number;
  • Your email address;
  • Your mobile number.

After that, the system checks your data on the basis of AIS OSAGO. If there are no problems, a message is sent to your e-mail or mobile phone, which contains the login and password for your personal account on the insurance company’s website. After this procedure, you can begin to fill out an application for the issuance of an insurance policy . Claims of the application on the site are no different from those that you fill in the usual paper version. After you complete all the items, you must sign and submit the application. The company again checks the data through the AIS and from there comes a decision on extradition. If the answer is yes, the message will also contain information about the calculation of costs, options and payment deadline.

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Registration and filling out an application is simple for an ordinary computer user.

IMPORTANT: Do not contact the intermediaries, and even more so to make out insurance on their website. Brokers now have no right to deal with insurance policies.

How to pay for insurance online

The insurance company with which you will deal will direct you to information about payment methods or send it to an e-mail. Paying for insurance online is quite simple. This can be done in a variety of ways: by credit card, by invoice, etc. The form of the paid insurance policy is sent to your email. You need to print it yourself in order to present it to the traffic police if necessary. Also, you are sent a policy sheet of the insured, information about the representatives and a link to verify the legality of the insurance policy.

As you can see, the procedure of car insurance via the Internet is quite simple and does not require extra costs, while great saves your valuable time. Currently, the online insurance system is not fully improved, but it, like all technologies of our time, is evolving every day: more and more companies are trying to give customers the opportunity to get insurance policies without leaving home, more and more customers use this service and remain satisfied. Try it and you!

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