Is it possible to insure a car without additional imposed services and how to do it

Nobody canceled OSAGO and in the near future it is not worth waiting for such innovations. Therefore, when buying a vehicle, everyone is required to issue a compulsory insurance policy. The presence of the CTP policy allows you to minimize your own expenses in case of accidents and accidents. Sometimes you can completely do without payment to the injured party from your own pocket, relying entirely on the insurer. The only problem is that car owners very often impose a package of services, which in fact they do not need. At the same time, one has to pay for such a policy noticeably more than when making a regular CTP. Need to understand how to insure the car and do without additional insurance and services. This will significantly save your financial resources, but at the same time it will not affect the level of responsibility in case of accidents and accidents. That is, CTP will continue to operate in the usual way, but you will pay less for each new contract.

Insurance options without additional services.

Imposed services

To begin, car owners who are planning to issue an insurance policy need to decide which services are useful and necessary, and which are simply imposed by insurance company managers. Insurance for a car is an extremely important document, without which in case of accidents and road accidents it is difficult to get out of this situation with minimal financial losses. But policies with the inclusion of additional insurance sometimes only empty the client’s wallet, without objectively bringing any significant benefits.

Where and how to insure a car without additional services

No one argues that CTP is a policy of compulsory auto insurance liability. But not all the services included in its composition, the client really need. Most often, insurance company managers try to impose additional health and life insurance on their clients . And often customers agree to this. Do not rush to conclusions, because in practice such a service is not needed if there is a standard civil liability insurance policy. If during an accident a person receives any injuries, according to the rules of CTP, the insurer is still obliged to provide funds for the restoration and treatment.

In the event of the death of a traffic accident participant, relatives receive money as compensation. The law provides for mandatory compensation payments and funeral expenses. Although we wish no one to face such situations. The client has the right to voluntarily insure against death or possible injury for other reasons. To impose such a service and include it in the package of compulsory auto insurance no one has the right.

Insurance agent offers services

There is an additional list of services imposed by insurers:

  • Reimbursement excluding current vehicle wear. Such a service allows, after a traffic accident, to receive monetary compensation for the damage to a car as for a new car. But you can achieve the same amount of payments if the insurance compensation is too small to recover the vehicle. Although this may require filing a lawsuit against the guilty party to the accident;
  • Emergency Commissioner. In essence, this is an official employee of the insurance company where you apply for a CASCO policy . He helps clients in the event of an accident and an accident, arrives at the scene of the accident and monitors the rights and interests of the car owner who is serviced by them. Such a service is not obligatory, since the participants of a road accident themselves can take pictures from the scene of the accident, find and interview witnesses, talk with law enforcement officials, etc .;
  • Free evacuation. Provided for cases where the affected vehicle can not be restored. In fact, this option is already included in the standard set of CASCO policy services. Plus, there is also provided for maintenance in the parking lot before the technical inspection and examination. If the payment for parking exceeds the limit of the insurance company, the person responsible for the accident will pay all costs over the limit;
  • The help of a lawyer. Managers promise that when they sign an agreement for an additional service, their qualified lawyer will help you in every way and help resolve the situation with the maximum benefit for the client. In practice, lawyers are more on the side of the insurance company itself, rather than caring for the car owner. If after an accident the driver needs the help of a lawyer, he can independently find an independent specialist who will not be in any way connected with the insurer. And because the probability of his actions purely in your interests is much higher. Yes, and not always a lawyer is necessary, because often the insurance fully compensates for the damage resulting from a traffic accident.
Lawyer assistance in insurance

There are more arrogant, insistent employees of insurance companies who are trying to impose literally everything. Repeatedly, to CTP, clients signed an agreement on insurance of their houses, apartments, protection in case of an accident, etc. That is, we are already talking about paying for insurance that is completely unrelated to the car. If you need insurance without additional services for your car, insist on the exclusion of all additional conditions that the manager of the company is trying to impose. Here you need to be able to defend their interests and not allow employees of the insurance company to mislead you. Yes, many people truly possess a unique gift of persuasion. For insurers, these are extremely valuable personnel, since they can be used to sell more expensive policies, thereby increasing the profitability of their activities.

Why impose additional services

This feeling is imaginary, since we have told you all the nuances of additional services. Therefore, a natural question arises about why insurers impose additional conditions if there is practically no benefit from them. There is no need to understand the many reasons for such actions, since there is only one true reason. And we are talking exclusively about money. Extended services in the CTP package require a client to pay much more than for a standard contract. Thus, the insurance company increases its own cash flow. Moreover, managers should be considered the most interested party. Each agent receives bonuses from the management of the company for all imposed additional services. And since all managers want to earn more, they take different steps to persuade the client to sign an extended contract on OSAGO.

How to refuse service

Refusal to issue a policy without additional services

Not so rarely motorists agree to design additional services, banal fearing the refusal of the insurance company to issue a policy. Therefore, it is really important to find out if the insurer has legal grounds for refusal in such situations, when the client does not want to supplement the MTPL insurance with any other services.

Here you should refer to the Law on Consumer Protection. Motorists are directly related to it, because they act as consumers of insurance services, if we consider our specific situation. According to the legislation, the client has the legal right to receive the compulsory motor insurance policy (MTPL) without any additional and other types of services. In Article 16, Part 2 clearly states that it is forbidden to condition the purchase of one product (service or work) by the obligatory purchase of another product.

The policy of CTP from the legal and legal point of view acts as an independent and complete document. He confirms the law-abiding car owner and guarantees damages for incorrect actions on the part of drivers. Because such a document is more than enough to insure civil liability.

But sometimes it does happen that an employee of an insurance organization refuses to issue a policy if it does not include additional clauses and conditions. At the same time, they rely on the lack of special forms or commands from the direct leadership to do just that. Most often, such schemes are resorted to when the policyholder has practically expired the policy, and he needs to update it as soon as possible. And because drivers agree on all conditions, if only OSAGO is available in the car.

Agent refuses to issue

But remember that such actions on the part of the insurer are completely illegal. The main documents to confirm this statement are:

  • Section 16 of the Consumer Protection Act;
  • Article 15.34.1 of the Administrative Code.

If an agent tries to illegally impose a too expensive CTP policy, which is not necessary in your situation, remind him of the existence of these two laws. But it also happens that such arguments are not convincing the manager. Therefore, it is required to act a little differently. Ask the agent to write a waiver in writing. In it, the insurer must indicate that it refuses to issue a CTP policy without additional services. Then the manager just will not have a choice, and he will have to arrange only those conditions in the contract that you need.

The situation is somewhat more complicated in situations where the next day the old policy will become invalid, and you just came to register a new insurance. Here it is worth buying the package that the agent imposed on you. But with the prerequisite that in the contract you write about your disagreement on the acquisition of such a policy. If there are disputes between you and the agent, turn on the voice recorder or record a video. Having such materials on hand, you will return your funds for imposed additional services without further problems.

Filing a complaint

If you are unable to legally insure a car without imposing additional services, be sure to make a written complaint. The only question is where you can protect your rights as a service consumer. The right to protect their own interests and rights is every car owner. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a written statement and collect documents that confirm the fact of the refusal to issue a CTP by the insurer, since you have refused the additional terms of the agreement. The agreement can be recognized as invalid through:

  • offices of Rospotrebnadzor;
  • Central bank;
  • prosecutor’s office;
  • association of insurance companies;
  • antitrust federal service.

Recently, there has been a tendency to increase the number of cases where special conditions have been illegally imposed on clients. Remember that the Civil Code provides for the same conditions for everyone in the MTPL insurance policy, since it is a public contract. None of the commercial organizations that provide auto insurance services has the right to refuse a client to execute documents for the policy.

To file a complaint and win in this situation, you need to:

  • When signing the agreement with the insurer, specify that you do not agree with the additional conditions and they were imposed on you by the agent;
  • Make an audio or video recording of a conversation with an insurance company representative. When communicating, try to emphasize the imposition of conditions;
  • On the day of the signing of the agreement in writing, the complaint is sent to the insurer in their main office. Along with the complaint itself, a record is sent, a copy of the policy with a note of disagreement, and the requirement to terminate the agreement, return the money to the specified details and get a full-fledged normal insurance. Although usually after such situations, customers move to other organizations;
  • Additionally, a similar complaint can be sent to the above mentioned departments.

By law, a complaint is given 30 days, during which the appeal must be considered and answered. In writing, the corresponding notice comes to the car owner. In the presence of all the evidence, the court will necessarily decide in your favor. Therefore, the main thing here is to collect an evidence base and not be afraid to argue with the insurer. He violates your rights and does not act according to the law.

How to return the money

A refund

Motorists who are forced to sign an OSAGO agreement on unacceptable conditions for them, believe that they have already obviously lost in this dispute, and therefore will have to accept and use the extended policy. But to rush to such conclusions is not worth it. If the service is really imposed on you, and you have paid the entire amount, then there is every chance to return the money spent. To begin with, try to achieve this by sending a letter demanding to offset the costs of the address of the central office of your insurance company. If they refuse, then go directly to the court.

But for the judicial satisfaction of your claims, you will need to necessarily collect all the evidence of the imposition of unnecessary additional conditions in the contract on compulsory civil liability insurance. Even if the manager convinces you that it is necessary to insure life, according to the new rules on OSAGO, you should not believe them. This is purely a calculation of poor awareness regarding auto insurance issues. There are no official laws or rules that would force car owners to insure life on a mandatory basis as part of the registration of an OSAGO contract.

Insurance of health, property and life of a person, according to the current Civil Code, is a purely voluntary decision. It can not be imposed in any case. The person himself decides whether to include one of these items in the terms of CTP or not.

Waiver of life insurance

What to do in case of failure

Quite often it happens that the agent refuses to insure your car without additional services. That is, you do not want to include additional clauses in the contract. If the car is still insured under the previous policy, be sure to insist on your own. Sometimes it’s simply not enough time, since the policy’s action will end tomorrow, and the CTP will be declared invalid. It faces fines when driving with expired insurance. Then customers agree to sign the document. How to return in this case the money spent, you already know.

Now consider the situation when the manager does not want to sign a standard contract with you without any additional clauses and conditions. You need to make an application in two copies at once. You can do this at home, and then, if you refuse to request the insurance agent to write down the reason for such a decision. The PCA website has a special disclaimer form. You can just download it on the official resource. Next, go to the direct leadership. You can talk with him or just send a written appeal to his name. And it is better to provide both options for the letter to act as evidence in court. It also happens that managers refuse to accept your applications. Spending your time on them and precious nerves are not worth it.

Send a letter by Russian Post

Just go to the post office and make a valuable letter. This will allow you to receive confirmation that your appeal has been received. Along with the application you will need to include copies of:

  • driver’s license;
  • diagnostic card;
  • CTC;
  • PTS.

Do not forget about the inventory of the attached documents in the actual appeal to the manual in writing. If the insurer refused to accept the documents and still does not want to issue a normal policy, go to court. Here you need to write a statement. The application should be written manually, and in the header of the document the name of the judge to whom you are applying, and your own contact information is indicated. It is advisable to prepare a package with evidence that you really refused to issue a policy, and the application of the insurance company was sent.

In this situation, the court will be completely on your side. And because the insurer will be obliged to compensate the money you have spent on unnecessary services. Plus they will have to pay an impressive fine. Consider that insurance companies make calculations on the reluctance of customers to do such things. Therefore, they sign a contract imposed, or they are looking for another company where there is no such relationship. But if you are in a similar situation, you should fully defend your rights.

Who issues OSAGO without a condition of compulsory life insurance

Quite a strange question that still needs to be answered. When a client cannot receive a standard CTP policy without including additional conditions in it, he begins to actively look for other organizations where there are no such requirements.

And it’s really not entirely clear where you can insure your car without additional insurance. There are problems with the search for such organizations, since everyone actively demands to sign an agreement only with the inclusion of special paid points. But in fact, look for nothing. According to the current legislation, each organization providing car insurance services for civil liability is obliged to issue documents without any additional conditions and services. Because no one has the right to refuse because you did not agree to pay for third-party clauses in the agreement.

Why insurers themselves do this is not difficult to explain. The thing is that CTP among all types of auto insurance is the cheapest. That is, from a standard contract signed with car owners, companies do not receive substantial profits. But let’s be frank. It is not your problem that the insurer earns a little. You have all the rights and legal grounds for obtaining a standard CTP contract. Therefore, do not be led by an agent who imposes additional and unnecessary services on you.

Make a policy OSAGO

Can conflicts be prevented

As a result, we managed to find out that a lot of insurance companies do not work according to the rules and grossly violate human rights by imposing an extended package of insurance services on CTP to car owners. At the same time, customers can be divided into 3 categories:

  • The first category includes citizens who silently sign documents, agree to all conditions and do not oppose additional services. They are all satisfied, because they have no reason to go to conflict;
  • In the second group there are people who are unhappy with imposing additional clauses in the OSAGO agreement. At the same time, they still sign documents. Outrage and attempts to clash end when they learn about all the steps that should be taken to appeal the policy and return their funds. People do not have the time and desire to deal with the insurer or to address the court;
  • The third category is represented by car owners who always go to the end and stubbornly defend their rights. They make all the necessary efforts to achieve justice and get the insurance policy that they really need.

But a representative of any of these categories may receive ordinary insurance without additional conditions imposed, even without conflicts with representatives of insurance companies. In many ways, this possibility is due to the fact that we live in an age of modern technology and the Internet. Since 2017, all officially registered auto insurance companies have their own websites and online tools for applying for an insurance policy via the Internet .

Get an electronic insurance policy

The CTP policy is considered to be an excellent opportunity to get insurance on the exact conditions and with the items that the client needs. When drawing up a document online, no agent or manager can impose additional services. To obtain such a policy, you need to go to the official website of the insurer, fill in all the necessary points of the electronic application, specify information about yourself and the insured vehicle. You may also need information about the previous policy, if you made it.

After some time in the electronic form comes a link on which you pay for the ordered policy. As soon as the payment is completed, they send you an electronic CTP. It remains only to print it. Prepare for the fact that the service on the site will be temporarily disabled, or the online resource itself will not be available for technical reasons. You can just wait until work is restored. Or prepare a package of documents and send your application for a certain type of CTP by mail. There is also no need to communicate with managers, and therefore no one will impose additional conditions for auto insurance.

As a driver and owner of the vehicle, do not forget about the mandatory status of insurance CTP. Make sure that the document is not overdue, going on public roads. Always remember your rights as a consumer. Although CTP should be with all car owners, there are no legal rights to impose and force to buy any other insurance in addition to CTP. If they are still trying to force you to sign a contract that is not suitable for you, do not be silent.

Making a favorable policy

There is a very effective mechanism for dealing with arrogant managers of insurance companies. Acting in bad faith with respect to customers, they themselves run into conflicts, and, consequently, they need to be taught a lesson. How to do this, you already know very well.

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