How to issue a CTP when buying a used car

Buying a used car is accompanied by a number of questions. One of them is how to get a CTP insurance policy for a used car.

CTP is a compulsory insurance of civil liability of all road users, without which it is impossible to drive in cars. MTPL insurance policy is a guarantee of compensation for damages to road users who, or whose vehicles were injured in an accident, were not found guilty of the accident.

In this article, we will introduce you to the nuances of getting autocitizen.

What documents are required for registration of CTP when buying a used car

For registration policy prepare (for individuals. Persons):

  • Insurer’s passport;
  • PTS;
  • Diagnostic card with a fresh mark or a technical inspection certificate;
  • The driver’s license of the owner and a copy of the driver’s license of other drivers, which will be entered in the policy. For an unlimited number of drivers, no copies are needed;
  • Application form which is issued to the insurance company. The applicant is only required to correctly fill in all the lines.

Important! Specify the list of documents from the insurance company whose services you plan to use. It may be extended by internal regulations.

It is worth noting that no insurance company can take out insurance CTPL without a diagnostic card. She confirms that the car has passed a technical inspection, has no faults with which the operation of vehicles is prohibited, and is allowed to move.

After all the necessary documents are collected, you can proceed to the purchase of the policy.

Where to issue CTP

There are several ways to get insurance. The best option for obtaining a policy is the official office of the insurance company. Before you go shopping for insurance, you should clarify whether the company has a sufficient number of policy forms.

Where to issue CTP

You can use the services of an insurance broker. This option is convenient, as agents often go to meet customers and bring the documents themselves. However, it is worth making a purchase of the policy only from trusted brokers.

When buying from an unfamiliar broker, the cost of insurance can be much cheaper, but there is a risk of getting an OSAGO on a fake letterhead. Finding a bona fide broker is very difficult, because they “feed” on a percentage of sales and are ready to go for any deception. How not to fall into the trap? Before proceeding to the case, collect as much information about the broker as possible and, of course, check the license. Also, do not be lazy to call the insurance company and find out if this employee really works for them. If you find a good specialist, he will help you to purchase a policy quickly and as profitably as possible. 

Making a CTP when buying a used car is complicated by the inability to buy insurance online. The system gives an error if the owner and his car were not insured under the CTP in the previous year.

It is worth noting that you must purchase a motor-car for a supported car within 10 days after the purchase.

How to get used car insurance

used car insurance

For registration autocitizens need to perform several actions:

  • Choose an insurance company;
  • We check the presence of a mark on the technical inspection and pass it if necessary;
  • Collect documents;
  • We visit the office of the insurance company, carefully fill in all the lines of the application, provide the documents;
  • We pay the required amount and get a policy of the hands, the data in which we carefully compare with the originals.


  • Add the phone number of the insurance company support in case of an accident to the contact list;
  • Carefully read the rules of the insurance company, carefully fold the forms for registration of an accident (they will be given together with the insurance policy);
  • Check the availability of the original check attached to the CTP. Otherwise, they may later be denied insurance payment due to the lack of a check for payment.

Remember! OSAGO is a driver’s liability insurance to other road users, not a car, so the presence of the latter is not required for registration of a motor vehicle owner.

How much does it cost to issue a CTP policy

MTPL policy

CTP tariffs are fixed and regulated by the state.

The cost of insurance depends on:

  • age and driving experience of the driver (if several people are included in the insurance, the cost of the policy is considered according to the least length of service and age);
  • from the presence of accidents, year of release of the vehicle;
  • car type (cargo / passenger);
  • the term for which the insurance is issued;
  • the region in which the insurance is issued.

You can find out the price of the policy using the service CTP calculation on the PCA service . The procedure does not take much time, and you will know in advance how much to pay for insurance.

You can check the current car insurance data and find out the history of the car’s operation using the Autocode service. From the full report, in addition to data on OSAGO, you will receive data on runs, accidents, fines, restrictions, those. inspections and much more. The cost of one report is 349 rubles.

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