What documents are needed for car insurance

After buying a car, the driver must legally insure it for 10 days. Autocode tells you what documents you need to prepare for car insurance. 

What documents are needed for car insurance


What documents are needed for registration policy CTP 

The list of documents for CTP is the same for all insurance companies. You will need: 

  • Passport or other proof of identity. If you insure a car whose owner is not, then you will need the passport data of the owner. 
  • Driving license of anyone who plans to be driving a vehicle. For insurance OSAGO, extending to several drivers, you need to provide a certificate of each of them, but if you make out a policy with unrestricted use of the car, then the certificate is not needed at all.  
  • Passport of the vehicle (PTS, technical passport) and certificate of registration of the vehicle. These documents contain all data about your car. The PTS is a two-page document of gray color and A5 format, which is issued when buying a car, and the registration certificate is a pink or orange A7 card, which you receive from the traffic police. You need to provide both documents. 
  • Diagnostic card It is made according to the results of technical inspection. It is necessary to pass the inspection once every 2 years, if your car is under 7 years old and once a year if older. It is possible to pass THAT in any service of maintenance. Most often, insurance companies work with certain services, but they are not entitled to impose their services. 
  • MTPL policy preceding check out (if any). 
  • Application for registration of the policy. You will issue this document already in the insurance, the agent must give you a form to fill out. 

OSAGO for legal entities 

OSAGO for legal entities

In addition to the technical passport, certificates of registration of the vehicle and diagnostic card, you need: 

  • power of attorney from the director or charter of the organization;
  • certificate of registration persons;
  • Stamp of the company. 

! Individual entrepreneurs for CTP require the same documents as individuals. 

What documents are needed for registration of the CASCO policy 

The full list of documents for hull insurance companies often differs, but the basic set is the same everywhere: 

  • Driver’s license. Here the rules are the same as for the insurance policy. If the car will be driven by a limited number of people, then you need a driver’s license for each of them. If there are no restrictions (which is much more expensive), rights are not needed.
  • Passport vehicle. It is issued when buying a car.
  • Car registration certificate. You should get it as soon as you put the car on the account (that is, immediately after purchase).
  • Insurer’s passport. If you are not the owner of the car, then you will need a passport holder, and yours.
  • Application for a CASCO policy. You either arrange it on the spot or independently. We recommend that you complete everything in full compliance with the requirements of the insurance company where you are applying for a policy. 

Additional requirements for registration of insurance you should check with the company to which you apply. 

documents for registration of the CASCO policy

Here is a complete list of what they may ask: 

  • diagnostic card (if the car is not new);
  • sales agreement (if the car is new);
  • power of attorney (if the car is not insured by its owner);
  • lease agreement (for insuring cars rented or leased);
  • cost examination (for used cars);
  • old policy (if CASCO is issued not for the first time);
  • information about the equipment installed additionally (security systems and other similar);
  • documents of a legal entity (if the car is insured from the company).

This list varies based on your chosen insurance program, the rules and requirements of the company to which you applied. Now in the course of registration policy CASCO online. This requires significantly fewer documents (only a passport and driver’s license). 

Hull for legal entities 

Hull for legal entities

Everything here is also individual, although the main list of documents for auto insurance coincides with what is needed for private registration. As a rule, jur. Persons make CASCO for several cars at once. It is worth considering that if at the time of the accident there was a person who was not working in the company of the insured, the case is not counted. 

The cost of insurance CTP and Hull 

The price of the policy is formed individually for each policyholder. It depends on driving experience, type of insurance (open or closed), vehicle age, expiration date and other factors. The policy can be issued for a different period, the most common – 1 year. Most often, you can pay for annual insurance in parts.

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