Recommendations for receiving payment after an accident on insurance

Few drivers missed an accident: neither experience nor driving experience insure him. Therefore, there are often situations when drivers are wondering how to get insurance after an accident. Even experienced professionals had to be direct participants and perpetrators of such accidents on the roads. Therefore, in such extreme situations it is very important to legally correctly register the fact of an accident, in order to receive compensation from the insurance company for the damage caused to the car. The country’s legislation requires compulsory insurance for each car. And if the owner has an issued CTP policy after the accident, the insurance company must reimburse the cost of repairing the victim’s car.

Recount money

The procedure for obtaining insurance after an accident

Feature of getting insurance

Many drivers are interested in: if an emergency has occurred, in what format insurance of compulsory motor third party liability insurance is paid. It should be noted that there were no fundamental changes in 2018, the conditions of auto insurance are now the same as before. Therefore, it is necessary to substantively consider the mechanism for obtaining insurance in practice, having previously specified that some insurance companies sometimes refuse to pay compensation after an accident. As the analysis shows, one of the main reasons is that the emergency situation is framed incorrectly, in violation of the requirements. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with how to act in case of an accident:

  1. So, in case of an accident, the car must be stopped and shut down, and an alarm signal is required. Prior to the appearance of traffic police officers, it is strictly forbidden to change the location of the car and touch the parts or their fragments that flew away as a result of a car collision, since if these requirements are violated, it will be problematic to form an objective picture of what happened.
  2. In accordance with the rules of the road from the driver is required to set emergency signs.
  3. If as a result of an accident there are victims, help them.
  4. Inform about the incident in the traffic police, so that his staff officially examined the case.
  5. Inform the insurance company about the incident by calling the telephone number specified in the contract with it, giving all the necessary details.
What to do in case of an accident

After performing these actions, you must wait at the scene of the traffic police representatives and the insurance company. Sometimes there is no representative from the company, so the owner of the car should take a picture of the damaged car in several characteristic angles (especially the damaged place), and, if possible, also make a video. If there is a DVR, its entry will also be an important argument for the driver. When the traffic police officers arrive, it is very important that all the necessary documents are properly executed.

There are some more topical issues that are often heard from drivers. In particular, they are interested in whether the insurance is paid for the perpetrator of the accident, or in this case the insurance company is not obliged to pay it. It can be said unequivocally that if the car of the person responsible for the accident is insured under the line of comprehensive insurance CASCO , he is entitled to receive insurance compensation. Despite all the transport nuances, such insurance works. If we are talking about insurance CTP, the answer will be ambiguous.

Documents for payment

An injured person in an accident with an injured vehicle who has an insurance policy MTPL is entitled to receive insurance compensation. Obtaining insurance after a traffic accident is impossible without the presentation of a package of necessary documents, which are drawn up at the scene of the accident. This requires the presence of:

  • protocol of accident;
  • accident patterns;
  • the testimony of all witnesses;
  • applications where there is a list of damage received by the machine;
  • insurance policy.

Of course, a passport, driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate and confirmation from the hospital are presented (if the victim had to go there). It is these documents that are key in order for the insurance company, having considered them, to compensate for the damage from a damaged car.

Documents in case of accident

Procedure for receiving payments

The procedure for obtaining insurance compensation after damage to the car begins, as already noted, with a message to the insurance company on the phone about what happened immediately after the accident. Then the victim collects a package of documents required for submission to the insurance institution. On their basis, the insurance company must ensure that there is every reason for paying insurance. Having collected the full volume of documents specified in clause 3, the victim with a damaged car (if it is on the move after the accident) is the insurers who carefully consider them and decide on the payment. If the condition of the car does not allow to arrive on it, insurance workers inspect it with the departure to the parking lot.

It should also be noted that there are temporary restrictions for the delivery of documents. This must be done within 15 days after the accident, if the documents were prepared by traffic police officers, and within 5 days under the condition of europrotocol. The culprit of an accident this period is reduced to 3 days.

Inspection of the condition in case of an accident

Using europrotocol

There are cases when the participants of an accident do not have disagreements about her and the perpetrator and, accordingly, there are no big complaints about one another. For example, when the cars were slightly damaged or did not collide at all. Therefore, they decide not to call the traffic police, and they manage with the europrotocol, i.e. they prepare the road accident on their own. This form has its advantages: the cars are driven to the side and do not interfere with the movement, no need to wait for the representatives of the inspection, etc. However, a set of conditions is necessary for drawing up the europrotocol, namely:

  • two cars became participants of the accident;
  • drivers have insurance policies with them, and in both contracts the possibility of self-registration of the accident is stipulated;
  • the damage does not exceed 50 thousand rubles,

At its registration, the established sequence should be observed: drivers decide among themselves on the procedure for filling in the notice, then each in turn fill in his own column on the form and the return page. After that, two copies are disconnected and signed.

Registration of euro protocol

Alternative option

On the basis of the law adopted last year, there is another procedure for a driver to take an accident in an accident. It allows the use of mobile devices, which are used for photographing cars and their damage at the scene of the incident. Then these data are transmitted to the information base of the insurance company. The law should begin on June 1 of the current year.

Calculation of the sum

The latest amendments to the legislation on insurance regarding the amount of damage coverage in road accidents significantly increased payments. On the line of compulsory OSAGO insurance, the maximum payment for a damaged car is 400 thousand rubles, and if as a result of an accident, health damage is half a million rubles. The principle of determining the amount is simple: employees of the insurance company carefully analyze the cost of repairing car damage at average prices of the current period, etc.

Company damage recovery time

Often, drivers are interested, in regard to insurance compensation, what term of insurance payment is allowed by law. This is a reasonable question, since the payment of insurance after an accident has a statutory deadline. He spends 90 days on it. If this period is not maintained, it is possible through the court to demand a penalty for expired days.

Calculation of insurance payment

How to speed up the process of paying insurance after an accident

A common question is also how to get insurance money earlier, without waiting for 90 days. This is most often due to the urgent need to have extra money to repair the machine., treatment, etc. In order to speed up the process, it is necessary, first of all, to independently control the entire course of clarifying the relationship between the cause of the accident and the organization. The first step should be to clarify with the traffic police how this process is going. Experts also recommend going to court with a request for legal assistance in speeding up the resolution of this issue. The court decision will have a clear payment deadline. In addition, a lawsuit is possible demanding to speed up the process of collecting money from the perpetrator of the accident.

Risks when forging documents

As in any case, forgery of documents, such an option is fraught with big troubles, as the practice convincingly testifies. Therefore, we strongly advise to avoid such a forgery in any outcome of an accident, so as not to sort out the relationship with the law for the second time. An honest solution of all issues arising after the accident will provide not only insurance but also moral compensation.

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